Nairobi Securities Exchange reviews NSE 20 share index

NAIROBI, KENYA: The Nairobi Securities Exchange has reviewed the constituent counters of its NSE 20 and 25 Share Index, with effect from April 3.

The review of the NSE 20 share index incorporates the inclusion of Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited, NIC Group Plc and Nairobi Securities Exchange Plc as index constituent companies replacing CIC Insurance Group Limited, Stanbic Holdings Plc and Sasini Limited.

On the other hand the review of the NSE 25 shares Index incorporates the inclusion of Nairobi Securities Exchange Plc as an index constituent company replacing Housing Finance Group.

The NSE 20 Share Index is a price weight index calculated as a mean of the top 20 best performing counters. The constituent companies are selected based on a weighted market performance during the period under review based on among others trading activity measures, company must have at least 20 percent of its shares quoted at the NSE.

The NSE 25 Share index is a market capitalization weighted index designed to represent the performance of Kenyan companies listed on Nairobi Securities Exchange providing investors with a comprehensive and complementary benchmark to measure the performance of the Kenyan securities market.